Compliments & Testimonials

Compliments made to all staff

from March 2015 Survey’s 

“I do not think my consultant could of been more helpful or attentive, neither could the nurse assisting him. First class service”

“We are very fortunate to have such a great service in our community without having to travel to Truro or Plymouth”

“I was very impressed with the Probus Surgical Centre, such facilities should be an example of good practice throughout the NHS. The cleanliness, order and structure of the Centre is a credit to staff, who also were very professional and friendly, caring and skillful. I cannot praise staff and the Centre enough. Thank you very much!”

“I would just like to add that I was impressed with everything, especially the efficiency of administration, appointments etc”

“Nursing staff should be congratulated on their caring treatment of patients, both myself and other, which I witnessed while in the waiting area. well done”

“Completely satisfied – most grateful to all the staff during op and follow up after care”

“It was very organised, very pleasant. Staff who put all patients at ease. I don’t think it could have been any better. Thank you”

“Found all the staff to be very efficient and friendly. I felt completely at ease and in safe hands”

“The calming aura of the sitting room was a delight before and after the operation. My nurse was a delight as well”

“I was a very nervous patient and I was treated marvelously by my Consultant and all of his nursing staff who put me at ease and made me comfortable, they were empathetic and reassuring throughout the procedure, with grateful thanks”

“At present I cannot see the need for improvements”

“I found the whole procedure excellent. I could not fault any part of treatment I received. Exceeded expectations”

Compliments made to all staff

from Feb 2015 Survey’s 

“Hugely impressed with at all stages of the experience”

“I cannot praise the Surgical team enough, the operation from start to finish was first class”

“Very pleased and satisfied with results. Excellent service”

“It was a pleasure to be able to go to a small, uncrowded Surgical Centre instead of the big city hospital. I was treated in a relaxed manner, but impeccably, and kindly. If only the whole NHS were the same”

“My only comment is I would like to give you 11/10. Thank you very much”

“I would like to thank the Surgical team and staff at Probus for their prompt, courteous and efficient service”

“The surgeon and nurse gave me total confidence, I could say the whole procedure was pleasant!”

“The treatment and facilities were second to none. You are a fantastic team”

“In my opinion you have things just right”

Compliments made to all staff

from Jan 2015 Survey’s 

“Nothing to add, the service at Probus is first class!. 5 stars to the team!”

“Well done all, NHS at its best”

“Very satisfactory service, Surgeon and Nurse were very friendly and professional”

“I was more than happy with the centre, I found the staff to be very friendly and caring and wish all centres were this helpful”

“Cannot praise you enough, well looked after”

“Just keep up the good work, was very happy with all care given. Many thanks”

“Excellent care throughout, no complaints at all”

“Thank you to all the team, it has changed my life. I change believe how bad my eye was, I can’t wait to have my left eye done. Thank you all”

“Totally efficient and I was able to have one eye done and the other eye two weeks later – excellent!”

“I don’t think you could improve at Probus. Excellent all round. I have already recommended people to come to you for eye surgery and will continue to do so”

“The service offered was both efficient and professional. Also very relaxed and friendly. Cannot fault the service. Well done to all”

“The staff’s attitude of professionalism and relaxed friendliness was very reassuring”

Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s Oct – Dec 2014

“Everyone was so patient and kind”

“The whole team at Probus were fantastic, wonderful treatment . Lovely set up”

“I would like to say I was completely satisfied with the surgery, the surgeon, doctors and nurses were excellent and I would recommend this Surgical Centre to anyone”

“Keep up the good work”

“My treatment was done in a very professional way”

“I cannot recommend Probus enough. They are totally professional. Both surgeon and Nurses were excellent and very friendly. Thank you”

“Very satisfied with the whole procedure”

“Please carry on as you are”

“I would like to say thank you very much to the Surgeon and Nurse who did my operation. I was very impressed by the way I was spoken to, very friendly and not rushed. Also the Surgeon was meticulous in his work and preparation”

“The Surgeon and Nurse who treated me were fantastic”

“Absolutely excellent service/Facility”

“I was very happy with the whole process, 5 starts from me”

“Excellent service and assistant nurse. Felt very at ease and comfortable during the procedure – highly recommended”

“Completely satisfied, everything to do with the procedure and Surgical Centre. Everything was explained and made so simple but thorough”

“My treatment by the Surgeon and Nurse was first class, very professional and put me at complete ease with the procedure”

“Strange to say but I enjoyed it”

Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s July – Sept 2014

“You came highly recommended, your service was excellent all the way through”

“I was totally satisfied with the whole experience. The staff were courteous and made the experience pleasant”

“My experience was very positive, good ethos. Keep up the good work”

“I cannot praise the treatment I received enough. All staff were amazing, I was made to feel at ease. They were all very happy and friendly”

“This is a superb facility, both service provided and staff. May you thrive!”

“The service at Probus was of the highest quality from referral to aftercare – I wish the rest of the NHS could be so efficient and effective”

“If it was possible, I would always come to Probus for small procedures. Thank you”

“Keep up the good work! Thank you”

“Overall I was really pleased with the friendly service. I cannot think of how you would improve”

“Really good experience, friendly, caring and attentive. Thank you”

“You cannot improve on a perfect service”

Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s April – June 2014

“A first class centre”

“I have already advised a friend to request Probus for their op, everyone is so caring!”

“Thoroughly kind and professional staff. Excellent rest room. Very unexpectedly pleasant experience”

“I didn’t have long to wait for an appointment and everyone was extremely pleasant, courteous and competent. The building itself was clean and the parking adequate. Thank you all. I would recommend you to others and have done so”

“I was completely satisfied with how the time went from start to finish”

“An excellent all round service”

“I don’t feel you could change anything to improve any part of a wonderful service you provide. Thank you to all, I have already recommended you”

“I always find the service extremely efficient and all the staff extremely helpful and courteous”

“Staff are lovely and I would recommend highly”

“Very happy with the experience, very professional service”

“The staff were all friendly and welcoming”

Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s Oct – Dec 2013

“I couldn’t find fault with any members of staff who dealt with me, they were all superb!”

“The next day I drove to London and walked around with no pain and drove back the same day after that I went back to work, very very happy with Probus Surgical Centre.”

“I find Probus offers a good facility for minor surgery far preferable to going to a hospital. Friendly caring clean service.”

“The whole process was very professional and caring, the facilities are excellent, I would be very happy to use  the surgery again if needed.”

“Excellent all round treatment. Highly recommended.”

“I was delighted with the care and attention shown to me and also more recently when having a cataract removal.”

“I have been singing your praises ever since for the best overall treatment I have had.”

“My husband had a hernia operation at Probus many years ago. It proved to be so successful and easy that I chose your surgery for my carpal tunnel op and cataract ops. Good luck for the future.”

“Don’t feel you need further improvements. Great place to have any operations. “

“There are no improvements I can think of. The whole experience was so professional, so kind, I would have liked to work there in my working days. “

“A friendly and calming atmosphere, comfortable chairs, plenty of tea and coffee.”

“Upon visiting Probus for the first time, I was very impressed with the patient, calm and obvious confident professionalism in all who we met. It was very reassuring indeed.”

“Everyone was so kind they put me at ease and all the other patients were chatting. I’ve warn glasses since I was 11 and I cant believe how well I can see now its magic. Thank you.”

“Would just like to say how friendly and calming the nurses were on the day. Making an unpleasant thing as nice as they could ( and a coffee and biscuit afterwards was greatly appreciated)”

“The whole service was completed in my opinion to the highest degree.”

“Excellent service – very professional indeed. No complaints whatsoever – easy, efficient and effective.”


Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s July – Sept 2013

“There is nothing that needs improvement at Probus S Centre. I felt that I was in a private system and could not fault anything or anybody. Wonderful care and treatment from a very delighted and very grateful patient”

“Could not had better treatment anywhere, surgeon was excellent, nurse was the very best. No where better. Would recommend your centre to everyone. Cubical tunnel op was the 2nd op that I had last year at Probus Surgical Centre. No where better”

“I have heard of Probus Surgery but until my trigger thumb I hadn’t been there. The surgeon and nurse were excellent they both made me feel at ease. After the nurse explained how to look after my self, brilliant service no faults.”

“I would like to comment how helpful and professional all the staff were in my care, I think this is an excellent unit and really cant add improvement ideas. All staff were very curious and polite”

“I cannot fault the centre at all. I have always been treated professionally and courteously at all times and certainly put at ease with any concerns I may have over treatment “

“The entire procedure was fantastic from the minute I entered the building to the minute I left. Just a big thank you for everyone that was involved in my operation it was a pleasant experience. “

“My whole experience at Probus was excellent. It was particularly helpful to receive a telephone call a day or so after treatment. It was very reassuring and left me feeling a person and not a number in a computer.”

“I cannot find anything that could really improve what the centre was already and I am very grateful to the surgeon and nurse and thanks to you all.”

“I was extremely pleased and wrote personal letter to surgeon. The nurse was charming and put me at my ease.”


Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s April – June 2013

“Superb service and care, lovely staff. Could not have been better”

“Really happy with the operation, the surgeon’s were excellent, not as bad as I thought it would be!”

“I found the whole experience professionally handled by competent staff. I wish all surgery operations could be carried out as well.”

“Most impressed by the Surgical Centre, excellent facilities, very clean, excellent procedure with very courteous and attentive staff. Pity more places are not like yours.”

“This is the way the NHS and procedures should go in the future. Thank you all – great team. Outstanding job hope to see you again – but not too soon!”

“My GP gave me a list of centres for the first operation, you were the closest for the second operation. I went to Probus as the team were so good, competent and professional.”

“I find it difficult to think of any way you can improve on your wonderful service. This is how the NHS should be run. Thank you for all your kind attention and a wonderful result”

“You provided 1st class care from beginning to end, this includes all staff right from arrival at reception. My wife was well looked after whilst waiting for me. Well done you have a great team.”

“None I can think of. Generally I felt it was the best I could hoped for. Very timely and efficient. Staff were all courtous. No complaints”


Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s Jan – March 2013

“Very satisfied very kind nurses and doctors were very understanding a lot easier than I thought it would be. Overall excellent”

“Always had splendid first class treatment with friendly lovely people – no complaints whatsoever”

“Keep the high standards of care and professionalism up! I was very well looked after”

“I was very impressed and satisfied with the treatment I received and I wouldn’t hesitate to come back if needed, it seemed a very well run Centre, clean and efficient. Thank you all”

“As far as I am concerned no other improvements need to be made. I was extremely impressed with my procedure. Well done!

“I was given choices of venue when I was called with an appt date. I didn’t want to go to a big hospital for various reasons. The telephone caller was very helpful and explained the one stop procedure and Probus Surgical Centre sounded good.”


Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s Oct – Dec 2012

“The treatment I received was excellent and the staff were helpful and polite”

“Excellent service for minor operations, a much more relaxed atmosphere than general Hospitals. I cannot fault it in any way. There should be more Surgical Centre’s like this around the Country”

“Fantastic service and treatment throughout, I would recommend Probus Surgical Centre to anyone, thanks!”

“A very professional reassuring experience. Extremely efficient surgeon, I would recommend to anyone”

“As an ex-nurse, I found Probus Surgical Centre really excellent and could find no fault in staff or procedure. Actually a pleasure to come”

“I will certainly use your Surgical Centre for any minor ops”

“At present I think the Centre provides an excellent service – professional and friendly staff within a good atmosphere. Don’t change it if it isn’t broken!”

“The care and attention at Probus Surgical Centre from the nursing and surgical staff was excellent. They exuded competence and confidence, which made me feel safe. Pre-op and post-op was the best – well done!!”

“The support staff gave could not have been more caring and professional before, after and during the procedure. Thank you!”

“Found the staff and service to be excellent. Cannot praise them enough”


Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s June 2012-Sept 2012

“I knew about the surgery doing vasectomies and told by doctor about your surgery doing carpal tunnel and I needed it done first time right hand then heard it on Pirate Fm had left hand done”

“I had come to you for a previous operation and was delighted to be offered further surgery at Probus”

“I knew someone who had surgery at Probus. I selected the Surgery on the basis of being a small, more intimate facility and location”

“Local GP recommended Probus as ideal choice. Friends also commented on high quality of care and attention.”

“I was given a choice of areas, there wasn’t much difference in mileage and I knew of someone else who had been to Probus and they were happy with their treatment.”

“It was a good experience in a lovely light and airy environment – nothing more to say really. Non-harrowing pleasant experience – bit of pain at time from nitrogen!!”

“I have already written thanking surgeon and staff for a very positive experience.”

“Excellent service, could not have been better. Would highly recommend to others in particular ability to choose the date for my procedure was a real bonus. Thanks so much to all the wonderful staff.”

“This is to start I had first class treatment at Probus Surgical Centre. We as patients should feel very gifted to have such good facilities as a centre. Well done to all staff.”

“To be honest there are no improvement I can suggest I was 100% happy with the entire process. I have subsequently recommended a colleague who is suffering similar issues. I believe I put her fears to rest and indeed believe she is about to accept referral from her doctor with you, which previously she had been to afraid to do. I am sure you will do a similar excellent job!”

“Although I am 63 years of age I had never had an operation in my life, I was treated like gold in a relaxed yet confident manor. My surgeon and nurse were lovely I cannot thank them enough. Probus is a lovely welcoming place, from first point of contact to the end result. Many thanks”

“From initial appointment with GP to post procedure results I was thoroughly impressed with the service I received. Would recommend Probus Surgical Centre.”

“Previously had umbilical hernia done privately in London that was good but Probus is in a different league – facilities are extremely good. Staff all very kind and friendly – cannot think if a single improvement.”

“I was nervous when I arrived but the attitude of all staff quickly dispelled that. Thank you to everyone on the team!”


Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s –  April 2012 – August 2012

“I heard about you from a friend and listening to their praise for the surgical team at Probus and the excellent care received. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to make Probus my choice.”

“My doctor referred me and I am very happy that I had my operation with you and would defiantly have more done with you if needed.”

“The Surgical Centre is a wonderful addition for the NHS, the surgical staff and nurses were excellent and made you feel at ease the whole time. In all, a truly wonderful place.”

“An outstanding service with extremely professional, courteous & friendly staff. Perfect, so could not be improved, I will defiantly recommend to anyone I can, thank you to everyone.”

“I was very impressed by high quality of this intervention – staff were very skilled, but retained calm and warmth which was reassuring. Very professional service from referral to op.”

“Very pleased with efficient and effective procedure. Many thanks to all involved.”

“Everything is excellent. Don’t think you can improve.”

“Thanks to all at the surgical centre for a prompt and professional service. It appears a happy place to work and all staff was very kind and friendly.”

“I was completely satisfied, could not have received better treatment anywhere else.”

“I was very impressed with the warm and friendly reception of all your staff (and tea and biscuits)”

“I found Probus Surgical Centre to be an excellent facility, the staff were friendly and courteous at all times and the whole experience was top notch. Well done!!”

“I was most impressed with the whole procedure. I think you have a wonderful set up at Probus.”

“Thank you very much you have made my quality of life so much better and thanks again to the whole team.”

“I was nervous when I arrived but the attitude of all staff quickly dispelled that. Thank you to everyone on the team!”

“I couldn’t have had better attention if I had been a private patient. Everyone was so kind and helpful.”


Compliments made to all staff

from Survey’s –  Dec 2011 to March 2012

“Excellent service, friendly, caring staff. Would and have highly recommended”

“I was extremely happy with staff and procedure. Excellent all round”

“Excellent professional service. Waiting time from referral to post op absolutely minimal”

“Everything was fine, even the waiting was very short, I have recommended your centre to friends. Thank you all very much your care was excellent”

“There was absolutely nothing you would do to improve care at Probus!!”

“Absolutely outstanding service a credit to the NHS thank you”

“I was advised by my GP to request the procedure to be done at Probus and I am glad of this. I have also since recommended Probus to a friend who is going for the same procedure”

“I received treatment to my hand at Probus and at the surgery inPenzance. The whole concept of this worked excellent and must continue. Having lived in many parts of the country this was the best treatment ever – made so not just by quality of treatment/staff but by flexibility of venue, use of telephone appointments etc,Cornwall should be very proud of this effective use of resources”

“Different to see how one can improve on an already excellent service. “Ange” and her team shepherd us so well throughout and we felt totally confident and happy in Ange’s. P.S I was a very anxious pt. Ange sorted me excellently. Parking the car (with ease)to driving away (with ease) – the whole experience was A one”

“Fantastic centre and treatment”

“From start to finish I had no worries everybody was so professional and friendly. I would certainly say Probus Surgical Centre actually went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you to all the staff”

“I was highly impressed with your Probus team a lot of other hospitals could/would learn a lot from you all. Thank you”

“Every aspect of consultation, treatment and the follow was first rate. From my experience, without medical training. I can think of no improvements. Thank you for an excellent service”

“I only wish you could do more procedures, especially ophthalmic ones – the whole ethos is infinitely preferable to that of a big hospital, where you feel like an interference in the process not the point of it”


Compliments made to all staff

from recent Hernia survey – Feb to April 2012

  • “In my opinion you cannot improve on Perfection.  Because perfection I was provided with.”


  • “The whole process from my initial visit to my GP to the removal of the staples was a model of efficiency.  If it can be done in this instance what is wrong with the rest of the NHS?”


  • “I would like to thank everyone at Probus for their kindness, consideration, expertise and good humour.  A really lovely team.”


  • “I was very impressed with the level of care I received throughout my treatment.  Excellent service.  Thank you.”


  • “Really excellent professional treatment from a caring empathetic team.”


  • ” I don’t think I could have had better care and compassion from ‘the team’ at any other surgery anywhere else in the country.  I can’t praise them enough.”


  • “Most impressed by the professional attitude of all the staff.  Really well informed, they couldn’t have been more helpful.”


  • “The staff and surgeon were excellent, informative, friendly and professional.”


  • “Very happy with the service I received at the Probus Surgical Centre, what a great team all round.  Many thanks.”


  • “First Class.”


  • “Wonderful treatment from all the staff.”


  • “My thanks to the whole team & Dr Tisdale.”


“I can’t compliment the staff and surgeon highly enough.  From start to finish I took great confidence in their professionalism and kindly approach.”

  • What our patients say:

    "Efficent, Courteous and reasurring treatment from all staff"

    September 2017


    "Extremely good service, sympathic and friendly staff. Good time keeping"

    September 2017


    "Excellent Service"

    September 2017


    "The treatment and care was excellent"

    September 2017


    "Very friendly, professional and lots of information given"

    September 2017


    "Great service, friendly, helpful staff. "

    September 2017