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 Help the Heroes

 22nd September 2013


Dr Emma Campbell and Practice Nurse Georgina Murrell alongside ladies from ‘Stringers Gym’ Take on the Tough Mudder Challenge!

A gruelling 12 mile obstacle course designed by Special Forces, tests your Strength, Stamina, Mental Endurance and above all Teamwork.

 Freezing Mud

10,000 V ……..

Barbed Wire commando crawls

And 12 Foot walls

Are just a taste of what’s in store!

 Our Tough Mudders and you will be supporting Help For Heroes, providing assistance for wounded servicemen and women now facing challenges and changes to their lives many of us are unable to comprehend. The charity’s work includes Financial Support, Counselling services and Recovery Centres for the troops and their families.

Please show your support for the ladies and this vital cause, by completing the sponsorship form or donating at

For more information on the work of help for heroes please visit:

Zip Wire Challenge


On Saturday 15th September  four staff from Probus Surgery & Probus Surgical Centre, Kathy Currie, Georgie Murrell, Alice Foard and Sue Dowding took part in the longest  Zip Wire Challenge in the Country at Adrenalin Quarry near Liskeard.  It was a beautiful sunny morning with no wind when everyone lined up and was kitted out with their harness by the friendly staff at the quarry.  There were a number of photo opportunities [just in case of accidents!] and we advanced two by two towards the wire.  One member of the team was a little apprehensive but was reassured by the others that all would be well .  We each had to be weighed before being hooked up to the wire in case we were too light [ha!ha!] and needed extra ballast!

Kathy and Alice were pushed off the ramp and flew through the air over the gorge, their screams could be heard by the others awaiting their turn, these changed to laughter as they neared the end of the wire.  Georgie and Sue were then hooked up for their descent and were told to step off the platform to set off downwards.  What a wonderful experience, flying through the air feeling totally light and the wind blowing through your hair. 

On reaching the bottom everyone agreed they loved the experience and wanted to do it again especially as it was raising money for the Merlin Centre at Hewas Water.   It was so enjoyable every-one suggested we try to take a party from the surgery next year for an unforgettable Away Day Experience.

Sue Dowding

Probus 10k

Sunday 9th Sept 2012 saw the 13th annual Probus 10k Run, This years main sponsor was the Probus Sergical Centre. The run starts in Probus then follows all the lanes onto Grampound Road and Ladock, finishing back in Probus at the local school. The 10,000 meters or 6.4 miles is considered by most of the local running clubs as the hardest in Cornwall due to it making use of all the hills in the area to test even the most seasoned runners. 

This year there were 119 entries on the day,ranging from 15yrs old to 77yrs old. Many coming from the local community (some who had never ran before and were raising money for their chosen charity). Runners came from as far parts as Reading, London and Wales. The weather was slightly overcast which made it ideal for running. By 10:30 a good crowd had gathered to give all those that entered a good send off with the volunteer marshals in place (many of who, work here at the surgery) the runners were given a 5 sec count down and sent on their way.


Operation Hernia

20-27 September 2008

Angela Le Ruez:

When I was first asked if I would take part in Operation Ghana, my first thoughts were – I don’t do heat – I don’t do mosquitoes, but then I thought it would be not only a great experience but also look good on my CV.

You may have seen in the West Briton articles – that we were divided into 2 teams, one team to the more upmarket- GPHA Hospital,(Mr Nick Barewell, Anne and Georgie and the other which included myself and John Tisdale to Takoradi Hospital.

Takoradi Hospital is a very basic hospital with basic equipment, plumbing and occasional running water.

The staff in Ghana were fantastic, patients grateful, making the experience unforgettable. Between both teams we performed 43 hernia repairs.

The surgeons gave other medical advice including an impromptu consultation on the beach; they also sponsored a child from a remote village to have orthopaedic help with his club feet, funding his boots until he is able to walk.

During our stay not only did we work hard, but found time to play hard as well.

A tree top canopy rope walk – I don’t do heights or rope bridges, plus a 2 hr canoeing trip to a remote village on stilts, yes you guessed it, I don’t swim either!! Definitely out of my comfort zone!!


Below are pictures from the Operation Hernia Mission:


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