Vasectomy Operation Post Op Advice

What do I do when I get home?

Relax with your feet up.  Do as much as you feel comfortable to do but it is perhaps better to avoid long periods of standing or walking for the first couple of days.

When can I resume sports?

Avoid swimming, surfing, cycling for at least 2 weeks.  Avoid rugby, football and squash for at least 4 weeks.

How do I care for my wound?

Keep the wound dry for 48 hours. After that time, soak the dressing off in shower, avoid soap or shower gel. Dry the area thoroughly and apply a clean (Melolin) dressing, as supplied by the Surgery, with the shiny side against the skin.  You will be supplied with 5 dressings.

How long does it take for the wound to heal?

This will take 7 to 14 days to heal completely.  If you have stitches, these are dissolvable so will not need to be removed and will dissolve within 7 to 14 days.  It is very important to keep the wound site clean and dry.  Please don’t use creams and talcum powder on the area until it has completely healed.

Will I get any swelling and bruising?

Some swelling and bruising will occur after the operation. Therefore, it is best to wear supportive underpants or briefs for at least 7 to 14 days.  If the area is swollen, bruised and uncomfortable, apply a pack of ice wrapped in a towel to the scrotal area for a few minutes at a time whilst lying down.  This helps to reduce swelling.  Some men can have some bruising around the testicles and it can occasionally spread to the penis and groin area. This should resolve within a week.

Will I need pain killers?

The local anaesthetic used will gradually wear off in 1-2 hours. We advise that you take some pain killers as soon as you get home.

You can take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, providing you are not allergic to them.  Please don’t take aspirin or any medication containing aspirin, e.g. Dispirin, as these can cause bleeding.

When can I return to work?

Most men are fit to return to work after a couple of days, unless you have a physically demanding job, in which case we recommend that you do light duties for 2 weeks.  If you are unsure, check with the surgeon.

When can I resume sexual intercourse?

You can resume sexual intercourse after 1 week. On the first or subsequent ejaculations, it is possible that you may experience some blood staining which is usually brown, stale blood. This is perfectly normal as the tubes are clearing themselves after the operation. Please use an alternative form of contraception until you have been advised otherwise by the Clinic.

What are the possible immediate complications following a vasectomy?

  • Infection

If you experience excessive pain, swelling, the wound site is hot to touch or you have flu-like symptoms with or without a temperature, then it is possible that you may have an infection.  Please contact us as we can advise you about treatment which may involve a course of antibiotics.

  • Haematoma

If you experience some bleeding from the wound site, apply a clean dressing and pinch the edges of the wound together with some pressure for about 20 minutes, by which time the bleeding should have stopped.  If it doesn’t stop then please contact us.  In very occasional cases, a small blood vessel inside the scrotal area can start to bleed, causing localised swelling and pain (haematoma). If you develop a large painful swelling, please contact us as soon as possible.

When is my semen sample due for testing?

Your sample is due 16 weeks after the operation, it might be an idea to mark this on your calendar as you will not be sent a reminder. Please put the date and time of collection on the form and sample bottle provided.  You will be notified in writing once we have received the results of this sample. To clear the store of sperm, approximately 24 ejaculations are required. You need to ejaculate straight into the container (Do not use a condom). . It is also advised you have a period of abstinence between 2-7 days before doing the test. If we receive a positive result a further sample will be required. You will need to collect the additional pot from your own surgery but we shall send you the necessary forms in the post.

Until we issue you with the all-clear, you must use an alternative form of contraception.

Where do I take the sample?

Please drop your sample directly to the haematology lab at the Royal Cornwall Hospital (entrance next to the ED) before noon Monday- Friday, ideally within an hour of producing your sample. However, that is not possible, up to 4 hours later is acceptable. Any other person can drop your sample on your behalf.

What if I move house after the operation? Please let us know of any changes to your address as we will not be able to advise you of the final outcome of your operation.

Please contact us in the first instance, rather than your own surgery, on 01726 885104 if you have any queries or problems. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 08:30am – 16:30pm only.

If outside of these hours, then please contact NHS 111 on 111. Please note that NHS 111 may refer you on elsewhere if necessary.


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