Carpal Tunnel

Information for Patients

Your doctor has referred you to us because you may have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (trapped nerve at the the wrist). When we see you there will be time for you to tell us about your problem and for us to examine you to find out what the problems are.

Sometimes it is necessary for us to arrange further tests (Xrays, blood tests or nerve conduction studies) to confirm the diagnosis and an operation may have to be postponed until the results are received. In most cases the diagnosis is straightforward and in some clinics we can proceed to offer you treatment immediately.

IF you are on warfarin, clopidgogrel or dipyridamole (persantin) please contact our surgical team for further information prior to your operation.

Various options for treatment are available, not always surgical, ie:

1 If the symptoms are mild, a wrist splint may be recommended.

2 An injection of steroid around the nerve at the wrist is often useful for more symptomatic patients.

3 If the symptoms are severe, an operation is usually required.

If you are offered an operation, the following information may be useful.

Please ensure you remove all your rings from the fingers before your appointment and that you wear a loose sleeved top.

Please also ensure your hands are thoroughly washed and clean and free from infection.

The operation is done under local anaesthetic. This numbs the site and wears off after a few hours. The fingers may also go temporarily numb.

The operation consists of dividing the ligament on the front of the wrist to relieve pressure on the nerve. The procedure takes about 45minutes.

Please ensure you have someone to drive you home afterwards.

Below is our carpal tunnel information sheets:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient Information Leaflet