The hand can only return to normal when the ligament that was divided during the operation has reformed. This will take several weeks. During this phase the hand will feel sore and weak and although some of the symptoms will have been relieved, sensation in the fingers can take several months to improve and some pain and discomfort can persist for several weeks. Although this operation is thought of as a quick day-case procedure the recovery period can be prolonged but the long term results are generally good.

Once the stitches are removed we would encourage you to use the hand for all the day to day activities and to undertake finger and wrist stretching exercises. However heavy lifting and hard manual work should be avoided for about four weeks.

The scar will be raised and tender at first but will soften and fade with time. You can help this process by massaging the scar with E-45 cream or Vaseline: three or four times a day after the stitches have been removed.

You will probably need some time off work. The period depends on the type of work that you do. Heavy work may need 4-6 weeks. We can provide you with a sick note if you require an operation.