Toenail Ablation / Zadek’s Procedure

Toenail Ablation / Zadek’s Procedure

The recommended treatment for an ingrown toenail will depend on how severely the nail is affected. Treatment includes self-care measures and nail surgery

Self-care measures
If your ingrown toenail is in the early stages and is only mildly inflamed, there are several things you can do to prevent it†getting any worse.

  • Practise good foot hygiene by taking care of your feet and regularly washing them, using soap and water.
  • Trim the nail straight across to help prevent pieces of nail continuing to dig into the surrounding skin.
  • Gently push the skin away from the nail using a cotton bud (this may be easier after using a small amount of olive oil to soften the skin).
  • Wear comfortable shoes that are not too tight and provide space around your toes.


You can have a light meal. Do not drink alcohol on the day. Please wear loose fitting shoes, open-top sandals or ‘flipflops’.